2 min readJul 2, 2018

Would I choose to live

On a brownstone lined street

Nine limestone steps up to

My mahogany doored

Two room apartment

Crown moldings

Wood floors scored from ages of heels

My non-bedroom all purpose

Other room

My kitchen open to all conversation

My bedroom cozy

In summer

Its window air conditioner

Hums me to sleep

Blunts the sirens and voices

Winter radiators occasional clinking

All but unheard

My bathroom tub enamel patched

Its rubber plug replaced

Innumerable times

My view is internal

Not quite claustrophobic

I hang on the wall and

Place on shelves

Nick Knacks of memories

One corner

The wall filled with books

Floor to 12 foot ceiling height

Not forgetting the under-bed items

Space so precious

My full-sized ironing board

A luxury I require

The closet contains

Carefully chosen items based on style

And space

An overly large winter coat warm

And comfortable


An easily compressed down jacket


Now go outside

Immediately you feel the space expanding

A world of engagement

People of all stripes

Within a two block walk

Babies in carriages

Older women walking

Assisted by walkers

Shopping bags hanging

From the crocks of their arms

Yarmulkes and hijabs

Baseball caps and Panama’s

Panhandlers and texting millennial’s

Jazz not just in the venues

The streets are jazzed

The energy is palpable

The noise comforting

The eye-candy of

Never ending movement

People cars train’s buses bikes skater’s joggers

People in waves

Some say New York is only enjoyable Spring and summer


Winters have there own beauty

Walking through blizzards

The streets at sunrise

You’re in the snow globe

Everyone hates the slush that follows

But the joy of making the jump


Never are you want for anything

To do or see

I’ve been on my own

With the exception of an 18hr visit

For 22 days so make that 21

I’ve walked miles

I’ve been out every night

Heard 19 varied musicians

Seen two plays and 9 movies

Bought unneeded socks shirts shoes

My suitcase now undersized

This city is alive and its energy

Carries me on its shoulders

Each engaged moment

A tonic


Dad, photographer, poet, intense conversationalist, entrepreneur, New Yorker, martinis, jazz lover.